Norman Yap at Norman Yap Ceramics

Norman is a British, London-based studio potter making thrown bowl, bottle and vase forms in either porcelain or stoneware.  His pieces are raw glazed and once fired, often in reduction for rich colours and textures.  The forms are simple but gain their identity from the choice of clay, size and embellishment.   Porcelain pieces are incised or carved for texture and glazed in fluxing blue greens and reds that move across the interiors.  Stoneware pieces are dark and moody.  His new work features porcelain vessels thrown thinly and gouged for contrasts of textures and for maximum translucency.  Norman sits on the councils of London Potters and the Society of Designer Craftsmen, both charitable organisations seeking to promote, support and celebrate excellence in British craft. 

Norman Yap Ceramics, Studio 216 Regent Studios, 1 Thane Villas, N7 7PH