Jamie Baxter at City of London Distillery

Having cut his teeth setting up the award-winning Chase Vodka, Jamie Baxter set up the City of London Distillery with Jonathan Clark in 2012. CoLD is the first distillery within the City of London in nearly 200 years, and they still use the same techniques as their predecessors. Their connoisseur's London Dry Gin is flavoured with a fine balance of juniper berries, angelica, liquorice and coriander seeds, with fresh orange, lemon & pink grapefruit added also to give the gin its distinctive zesty notes.

200 bottles of gin takes 4-5 hours to distil, leaving plenty of time to sample the wares of the next door bar which serves over 150 different kinds of gin from the latest artisan small-still gins to vintage Plymouth gin from the 1950s.

City of London Distillery, 22-24 Bride Lane, Ludgate Circus, EC4Y 8DT